About Us

I’m Roisin Meredith and for two years I’ve been fermenting, flavouring and bottling my own water kefir in Shoreham-by-Sea.

My journey to gut health began when my six-month-old daughter became ill as soon as she started on solids. Her weight loss and pain were unbearable to me as a mum, and no matter how many consultants and dieticians we spoke to, nothing changed. Finally she ended up on a low FODMAP diet: no diary, no gluten, no soy … and she wasn’t making progress.

One nutritionist mentioned probiotics and within two weeks we noticed a real difference in our daughter’s wellbeing – she began to grow and was able to tolerate many more foods. It was so dramatic that I started to explore what it was that had created such a miracle.

Water kefir benefits

I began to research microbiomes and gut flora. I worked out that I’d taken several antibiotics in my daughter’s first six months of life and that they’d passed through my breast milk to destroy her gut bacteria. I started to make my own probiotics and my whole family complained – it might have been good for them but the milk kefir I was making them drink was like a medicine, not a pleasure. So I moved on to making water kefir which we all enjoy and which has improved gut health for all of us.

Of course, once I’d got my family hooked on water kefir, it wasn’t long before friends began to ask me to make it for them too. I started to experiment with flavours to create the perfect water kefir recipe and pretty soon had my first market stall. Today, not only can you buy Roisin’s Water Kefir at market stalls across Sussex, but you might find it in your local health food shop, café, or bar.

I am fascinated by the microbiome and gut health. I also love fermentation. That’s why my water kefir is labelled ‘from the bottom of our hearts to the heart of your bottom’!