What is Water Kefir

Water Kefir could be considered the original fizzy drink as it naturally carbonates during the fermentation process. It’s that process that also makes water kefir so incredibly healthy – it’s a powerful probiotic, rich with millions of live bacteria that help improve the health of your gut every time you take a glass.

How to make water kefir

It all begins with a starter culture, called the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and like kombucha it’s a two stage process where the SCOBY is supplied with water and sugar: it uses the sugar to reproduce, leaving behind the beneficial probiotics, which are then referenced in a second, anaerobic stage where flavours are added and that amazing carbonation happens. The starter culture is often called water kefir grains, but there are no grains of any kind involved, it just looks like some kind of grain … water kefir is gluten free.

Every water kefir recipe is different, and at the moment Roisin’s Water Kefir comes in two different delicious flavours:

  • Lime and mint ‘mojito’
  • Rhubarb and ginger.

Water kefir benefits for whole body health

It really depends on you and your lifestyle: while some people love having a glass of water kefir instead of fruit juice in the morning, which is an ideal way to set up your digestive system for the day, while others like to enjoy their water kefir later in the day instead of a glass of wine or prosecco.

Water kefir is a fantastic source of natural probiotic bacteria for people who are dairy free, but because it’s up to 1.2% alcohol by volume, it’s not a good idea for pregnant women to drink it. Unlike kombucha, which contains caffeine, water kefir is caffeine free. Large cohort investigations have revealed strong associations between consumption of fermented foods and weight maintenance, in addition to reductions in risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and overall mortality.

Live Water Kefir – the absolute difference

Unlike many mainstream brands of kombucha and milk kefir, at Roisin’s Water Kefir we don’t add artificial flavours or sweeteners, and nor do we pasteurise or treat our water kefir so we can guarantee it contains the full range of wild probiotic bacteria. It is a completely natural, live drink made in traditional ways.